When they Zig, you Zag

The 1998 book titled When They Zig, You Zag by Siimon Reynolds provides many bits of general wisdom, but the title itself offers the most value: Don’t follow the crowds...

The New Generation of Venture Capital

Venture Capital firms are relying more and more on a single portfolio company to produce a Billion Dollar exit to generate most of the fund’s profitability. The logic is simple, invest into many companies with the hope that at least one will become an Unicorn...

We just entered an AI-First World

AI is almost everywhere, from your mobile keyboard software to voice recognition, personal assistants, and translation services. It decides what you see online, which songs you should listen to, and what you potentially want to buy. Machine learning became intertwined...

Why I am aware of “Idea People” as a VC

Quite often I am approached to invest into “an exciting new idea that will make Billions of Dollars” from Idea People. The pitch is simple: “I had this amazing idea, give me money” — Oh and I get 5% equity in exchange, yay.

Seed funding is not what it used to be

Early stage seed rounds increased to around $2.2 million in 2016. At first, it may sound like an accomplishment for a startup to raise such a large sum, however for a pre-revenue startup this should be frightening.

Why Venture Capital Is Broken

The amount of Venture Capital invested in 2016 was only a quarter of what was invested in 2015 in South Korea. Talking to accelerators and incubators here in Seoul, the most common expectation is that VC investment will remain cool for the next few years.

How I started a Venture Capital Firm

Since I decided to leave my safe and comfortable job in Australia, I wanted to focus my energy into enabling new technologies to come to market. Converting an idea into a successful business can have a strong positive impact on people’s lives and provide great...

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