We're Good At

Enterning new markets

We specialize in creating Joint Ventures to enter new markets such as China and the USA. We own the main distributors that can help our new ventures tap into exisiting sales channels.

Creating new Brands

Great manufacturers in China quite often do not create brand names that associate their products with them. Our Joint Ventures create highly valuable brands that leverage their greatness.

Creating new Products

We can help to drive the creation of new products that can reach a global audience. Our Joint Venture investments enable the new products to leverage our global distribution networks.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

We help and support entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries. We understand entrepreneurs and their dreams, and we offer hands on help to get there together.

A Joint Journey to Growth.

We are a hands-on Venture Capital Firm. We drive and manage our ventures, from the planning stages to the IPO. We don't just invest money, we invest effort, expertise and vision.

We journey together with our entrepreneurs to create value, grow sustainably and generate lasting impact in people's lives.

The Team

Portrait photo of Rafael Gracioso Martins
Portrait photo of Alfredo M. Neto
Portrait photo of Robert Wong
  • Outroll was crucial in the establishment of SciFly in Australia. Their support ensured that we could quickly establish new partnerships. Ana - SciFly Pty. Ltd.

  • Outroll enabled us to quickly implement our invite only 3D printing and prototyping network in Australia. Jonathan - Inkis

  • Outroll enabled reParcel to establish crucial distribution partnerships with Chinese technology manufacturers with international presence. Robert - reParcel

  • Outroll helped us develop a new product and walk through the complicated steps to certify a health supplement. Yuki - MealShake

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