Meet Outroll

Direct to Consumer Venture Partners

We are a hands on Venture Builder and Venture Capital Firm focused on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Direct to Consumer (DTC) ventures. We partner with corporations and entrepreneurs to open new markets.
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Partnership Benefits

We build and run DTC Ventures in the Asia Pacific

Digital Consumer Ventures
We partner with corporations and startups to expand their digital offerings in the Asia Pacific region. We apply our technological expertise to open new markets and drive global expansion.
CPG Ventures
We partner with consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to open new markets across the Asia Pacific region. We establish Joint Ventures to promote, market, and grow brands in key target markets.
Asia Pacific

Outroll is a Growth Catalyst in the Asia Pacific

Our Partnership Model

How our Partnerships work


This is a long term partnership where we build, invest and manage a new venture in the Asia Pacific region.
Average Equity Stake
Average Investment Value
Time to Exit
7 - 10 Years
For startups
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Service Provider

You pay us a monthly fee and commission on sales in exchange for our expertise, technology, and operational excellence.
For established ventures
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A Complete Omni-Channel Partner

We invest in the right technologies, marketplaces, partners, and distribution networks to offer unparalleled omni-channel reach.


Our Investment

Our investments cover four major areas to expand your venture in the Asia Pacific region.
We built the most powerful technology platform for consumer brands. We leverage the latest web technologies, big data, machine learning, and SEO optimizations to grow our brands.
Branding & Marketing
We create region specific marketing material, campaigns, and content. We work as a digital agency to focused on brand awareness, sales, and market leadership based on data.
Marketplace Management
Marketplaces provide unparalleled access to consumers across Asia Pacific. We manage all relevant marketplaces for your offering, enabling price consistency, compliance, and customer service.
We handle all operational aspects of growing your brand in the Asia Pacific. We handle logistics, legal, accounting, intellectual property, and everything in between. We are fully hands on.
Some of our Ventures
ReMatcha, Biozenthi, Inpire, FitFlavours, Qualinova, Adrun, LabPlasma, Probelle, inkis, MealShake, Madeplast, Fullfi,
and more.